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COVID - 19 procedures

We have some new requirements put in place for the safety and comfort of our guests and our staff. We appreciate your adherence and understanding.

Reservation time limit: At this time we are not able to welcome the same number of guests as we used to. So in order for us to extend our hospitality to all those who wish to dine with us, we must limit all reservations on Wednesday thru Friday Nights to a maximum of 90 minutes and Saturday Night to a maximum of 120 minutes.

Safety protocols: We will implement the following Covid-19 safety protocols to ensure that both our guests and our staff all feel safe and comfortable while at Common Lot.

Face Masks Our servers will be wearing face masks and sanitizing their hands regularly throughout their entire shift. We also ask all guests to wear a face mask at all times, unless they are eating and drinking. For everyone’s safety, this is essential when interacting with our staff, when moving around the restaurant or when visiting a restroom.


Table set up: We will use laminated menus which we will disinfect after each use. We have limited the shared utensils or condiments on the tables. If you need salt, pepper, sugar or any other items, please do not hesitate to ask your server for it. We will offer those items only to you and they will be disposed of, and then sanitized after each use. We have additional hand sanitizers set out around the restaurant for everyone’s use.

Menu options:

With all the current restrictions in place, we are only able to offer a more limited menu at this time. But don’t worry, Chef has been working hard on them and they are good!

Unfortunately, we will no longer offer our Kitchen Pass dining experience for the foreseeable future.

We sincerely thank you for your support and understanding as we reopen in this “new normal” and navigate our way through the upcoming months.

We are in this together.

Nadine and Ehren Ryan, together with the Common Lot Team