We opened our tables in March 2016 and we’ve loved sharing with everyone who has ever pulled up a chair. Thank you for being part of our dream.

Even the most beautifully prepared meal can’t be fully appreciated until people gather to enjoy it. That’s why each item on this menu, every nuance of the space around you was created with one truth in mind: The best way to eat good food is together.

Our summer menu honors all that is vibrant. Sun­kissed produce, stone fruits and berries enliven fresh, colorful dishes. Crisp greens and lettuces pop. Bright flavors abound. Meanwhile we pickle and preserve, extending the season’s bounty. Welcome to warmer days. We hope you enjoy

Please Inform your Server of any Food Allergies as not all Ingredients are listed on the Menu.

Consuming Raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase the risk of foodborne illness.


White Bean “Hummus”, tomato, cheddar cheese crackers, tortilla 10 –

Daily Sashimi with accompaniments MP

Tuna Tartare, avocado mousse, sesame seeds, sweet wasabi gel, ginger sorbet 16 –

Seared Broccolini lemon, horseradish, roast garlic vinaigrette 12-

Burrata, heirloom tomato, salsa verde, cherries, radish, paprika lavosh 17-

Roasted Cauliflower Florets, coconut and peanut dressing, cashew, thai basil,chilli flakes  12-

Seared Scallops, sweet corn puree, corn and pepper salsa, chicken skin 16

Wagyu Beef Tartare, nuoc cham, gochujang, black garlic, petit herbs, fried wonton 15 –

Twice cooked Pork Belly, sweet chilli and soy glaze, sesame, scallions 13-

Duck Liver Parfait, plums, brown sugar ‘granola’ marigold, sourdough 13-


Roasted Broccoli, pine nut puree, quinoa, preserved lemon, parsley and tarragon dressing 25 –

PK’s Four Brothers Local Chicken, roasted breast, confit leg croquette, capers and lemon, chicken jus 29 –

Porcini & Herb Crusted Mahi, fingerling potato, sugar snaps, dandelion greens, lemon vinaigrette 33 –

Plancha Seared Halibut, surf clams, shitake mushrooms, peas, ginger, scallions 32 –

Koji Aged PK’s 4 Brothers Pork Chop, spinach and watercress puree, grilled peaches, barley, thyme jus  35-


In house, Dry-Aged Ribeye (30+ days), potato gratin, grilled green beans & almonds, mixed green salad 84 –

12 Hour Braised Lamb Shoulder, house made Kimchi, sweet pickled cucumber, shredded lettuce, oyster and soy dressing, bao buns 88 –

Additional bao buns 1.50 each

Baked Market fish (approx. 1.25 lbs), garlic Chinese broccoli, baby corn & bean sprouts, jasmine rice, ginger & scallion infused broth MP –


Homemade Sodas and Lemonade \
please ask for daily flavors

Homemade Kombucha \
please ask for daily flavors

Sodas \
Coca Cola, Coca Cola Diet,

Saratoga \ still or sparkling water 800ml

French Press Coffee from No. Six Depot Massachusetts \ The Sun Also Rises, The Notes from the Underground, Guatemalan Swiss Water Decaf

Pot, 1-2 cups 4—

Pot of Loose Leaf Tea
Please ask for special menu 4—


Mango & Coconut Parfait, fresh mango, mango gelee, coconut cream, coconut & lime sable, finger lime

Maple Yogurt Panna Cotta, roasted rhubarb brown sugar and oatmeal streusel, strawberry rhubarb sorbet, white chocolate powder


Coffee and Chocolate Mousse, Creme Anglaise, Coffee Gel, Hazelnut Shortbread,

Black Sesame Semifreddo, variations of strawberries, yuzu espuma, meringue


Seasonal Tart for Two,