Australian chef prepares to bring experience and passion to Millburn

Temperature and pressure dictate much of chef Ehren Ryan’s life.

He does his best to manipulate the two when he’s on the clock, but says there have been times when they’ve conspired against him, nearly throwing him from his career path.

Chef Ehren Ryan is preparing to open his first restaurant, Common Lot, a contemporary eatery expected to open this winter, at 27 Main St.

Ryan, 30, will be the executive chef of Common Lot, a contemporary eatery coming to Millburn this winter, and says there’s only one agent powerful enough to overcome the laws of science, as well as the explosive chefs and high stress situations that could’ve forced him from the kitchen.

And that’s passion.

“You have to have passion to cook,” said Ryan, originally of Sydney, Australia, who spent the past 12 years venturing around the world. He settled in Chatham last May, just in time to watch the construction of his restaurant.

“You have to enjoy the hours, enjoy the heat and enjoy the stress,” he added. “If you don’t have certain standards, (being a chef) is not for you.”

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